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Secret Message Charm

19 Dec

Secret Message Charm

About two years ago, I met a mom named Lisa at a neighborhood party. She heard that I make sterling silver hand stamped jewelry and asked me to make a charm with a special scrambled message for her daughter, Julia, who was a freshman in college — far from home. The message was “LOVE MOM.” She felt that it wouldn’t be obvious to others what the message was and the message would be their secret — unless her daughter chose to tell someone who asked about it. Two years later (October of 2013), I get a call from Lisa. Julia had called her in tears because she lost the necklace. Lisa knew Julia liked the necklace, and that she wore it almost all the time, but she didn’t realize how much the necklace meant to Julia until it was gone. Of course, Lisa’s heart broke when she heard her daughter sobbing about losing the necklace, she also felt a twinge of happiness knowing the necklace was so important to Julia (something Julia had never vocalized). So, this is the second version of the Secret Message Charm.

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P.S. (The names in this post were changed.)


Bling on the Holidays with Sweet Bling

13 Dec

Bling on the Holidays with Sweet Bling

We love bling all year long — but the holidays give us a good excuse to adorn ourselves in head to toe bling. This Leopard Necklace looks great with a print dress like this one or a simple black dress. And our Bling Bling Crystal Earrings add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Finish off the look with our Crystal Studded Stretch Bracelet — and you are all set.