Blue Jeans and White Tee Flare

3 Mar

Oh the timeless and classic look of blue jeans with a white shirt. What would we do without you? There are even countless songs dedicated to “Blue Jeans and White T-shirts,” it is so flawless. This look is ever transforming with a long history but the basic elements stand—blue denim with white. This can be your oldest pair of over-worn cut denim shorts from the 10th grade, a men’s white v-neck tee with Ray-bans and Chuck Taylors. Or this can be fabulous fit designer jeans, a detailed cream tunic with studded boots and bright, extravagant accessories. However it is styled, it will forever be an all time favorite across the board.

Today for a modern twist on blue jeans with white, we tie in a must have piece, the Sweet Bling Candy Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet. This bracelet features light brown leather adorned with candy colored pearls and crystals. With its mix of various colors, this piece will fit perfectly into many looks. Now we will focus on its appeal to the classic blue jeans and white combination. What both have in common is an elegant casualness. Looking at this beautiful wrap bracelet, it certainly isn’t simple. But it brings an effortless yet put together flare on a classic style.

Here, the wrap bracelet is styled with light blue, faded, and destroyed skinny jeans with a flowy ivory top and of course, tousled hair. There is something very iconic about ripped jeans. And nothing says effortless like embracing those natural tangles in your hair. For colder weathers, add some boots and a leather or canvas jacket.

Wrap Bracelet 1

 Wrap Bracelet 3 Wrap Bracelet 6

Wrap Bracelet 4

Wrap Bracelet 2

Sweet Bling’s featured piece is the Candy Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet. Check out Sweet Bling here.


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