About Sweet Bling

We have been creating fine jewelry at Sweet Bling for over ten years, and while it has evolved, it has always been about creating and treasuring memories.Ever since I became a mom, I became obsessed with creating memories for my children. Whether it was making volcano cupcakes with orange sugar lava,  hosting Halloween parties with chocolate coffins and a candy skeleton inside or hosting a Survivor party on the beach (complete with an icky food challenge), I loved to create and photograph these experiences.

This memory obsession continued when my family traveled. I created hand stamped charms with the names my favorite destinations. As I began creating Sweet Bling fine jewelry with gemstones, once again I gravitated toward creating pieces that reminded me of a hillside town in Croatia, a vineyard in Epernay or an island in Greece.  We offer these pieces on Sweet Bling, and provide you with the back story on that town or city that inspired the piece, and hope that you will find yourself in that location one day.  And if you have a special place or memory in mind, we would be honored to create a custom jewelry piece that creates a beautiful reminder of that memory for you. Simply contact us at info@sweetbling.com.

In addition to our travel inspired fine jewelry, and our personalized jewelry, you will also find some of our favorite fashion jewelry designers.

Melanie Kartalija
Sweet Bling


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